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Grants Received

Grants Received

S.No. Name of PI | Co-PI Dept. Title Agency Period Date Amount (Million)
Grants Received ACY 2023-2024*
1 Dr. B. Kiruba Shankar
Dr. Arpit Anil Panwar
Mr. C. Naveen
MI Two Days National Level Seminar on “Facilitating Transformation in the Indian Automotive Landscape: Emerging Trends in Electric and Hybrid Mobility” CSIR 05 & 06.01.2024 (2 Days) 28.12.2023 0.02
2 Dr. J. Indra,
Dr. R. Jayakumar,
Ms. S. Suganya Devi
EC Two days national seminar on 'Securing wireless communication in defence : The importance of cybersecurity' DRDO 03.11.2023 & 04.11.2023 (2 Days) 12.10.2023 0.02
3 Dr. S. Arivazhagan
Dr. R. Maheswar
ME Optimization of Fixed-Wing Delivery System for Efficient Transport of Payload with High Endurance and Long Range C-DAC under MeitY funded project 6 Months 22.09.2023 0.18
4 Dr. J. Indra,
Dr. J. Muralidharan
EC Recent Trends in Semiconductor System Design or resting Techniques AICTE ATAL FDP 05.02.2024 to 10.02.2024 (6 days) 18.09.2023 0.35
5 Lt. Dr. A. K. Priya CH Mycoblooms Mushroomery Tamil Nadu Startup and Innovation mission 1 Year 19.08.2023 1.5
6 Dr. A. Karthick,
Dr. S. Sankar Ganesh
EE Role of Artificial Intelligence in Renewable Energy Systems and Electric Vehicles DST SERB 05 & 06.10.2023 (2 Days) 11.08.2023 0.05
7 Dr. B. Kiruba Shankar,
Mr. A. Balaji,
Dr. K. Saravanan
MI Dissemination of robotics and AI in agricultural management system : A mission for sustainable agriculture DST SERB 09 & 10.11.2023 (2 Days) 11.08.2023 0.06
8 Dr. T. Daniel Thangadurai CFRD 3D Ruthenium Oxide Nanocarriers: A Transport Module For Efficient Heterogeneous Photocatalysis Of Industrial Dyes CSIR-EMR (II) 3 Years 10.08.2023 2.3
9 Mr. B. K. Saravanan ME FLEXA - an AI Powered Powered Podium Mic to reduce speakers fatigu MSME 1 Year 14.07.2023 1
10 Mr. C. J. Vignesh EE Axial Flux Permanent Magnet Motor for Electric Vehicle MSME 1 Year 14.07.2023 1.035
11 Mr. N. Udhayakumar ME Cost Effective Catalytic Converter MSME 1 Year 14.07.2023 1.15
12 Lt. Dr. A. K. Priya CH All India Seminar on “Innovative Trends and Aspects of Nanotechnology: Fueling the Chemical Industry's Future” IE(I) CLC 21 & 22.09.2023 (2 Days) 06.07.2023 0.05
13 Ms. S. Bharani CE All India Seminar on 'Repair, Rehabilitation and Retrofitting of RCC Structures' IE(I) CLC 24.08.2023 & 25.08.2023 (2 Days) 06.07.2023 0.05
Grants Received ACY 2022-2023
1 Lt. Dr. A. K. Priya
Ms. S. Bharani
CE Advances in Hazardous Waste Management Technology IEI 2 days 12.07.2022 ₹0.03
2 Mr. M. Singaram
Mr. V. Chandraprasad
EC National Seminar on Modern Antenna Design for 5G and Releated Applications DRDO 2 days 08.07.2022 ₹0.02
3 Ms. G. Kausalya
Mentor: Dr. T.Daniel Thangadurai
CFRD Tunable photoluminescence graphitic carbon nitride for biosensing and bioimaging applications. DST - Women Scientist Scheme - A 3 year 08.08.2022 ₹2.7192
4 Dr. S. Kanmani
Dr. S. Arivazhagan
CE Fabrication of Fine Korai Splitting Machine - Splitting and Pith Removal of Korai Grass for Weaving into Mats RuTAG, IIT Madras 1 year 06.10.2022 ₹0.27
5 Lt. Dr. A. K. Priya CH TNSCST, Young Scientist Fellowship Scheme(2021-2022) 4 months 21.10.2022 ₹0.0468
6 "Students: Gowtham S
Guna S
Faculty Member: Mr. C. J. Vignesh"
EE IDEATN003142 - Tracking of Childs Nutritional Status and Physical Health (Well-being) MSME 1 year 30.06.2022 ₹0.459
7 Imaya Ganesh S
Bharathwaj R
Mr. B. K. Saravanan
ME IDEATN003566- A Drone using Autodesk 360 software for disaster mitagation and Relief MSME 8 months 30.06.2022 ₹0.9384
8 Dr. R. Senthilkumar
Dr. D. Ganeshkumar
ME A Bio-Medical Device for Health Care Application, Design and Development of Polymer Based Invasive sensor for ICU patients MSME 2 years 30.06.2022 ₹1.1475
9 Mr. S. Satheesh Kumar
Dr. M. Kathirvelu
Dr. J. Muralidharan
Dr. J. Prasad
EC Modern Electrophoresis device for early detection of sickle cell anaemia among the tribal communities in India MSME 3 years 30.06.2022 ₹1.2325
10 Ms. S. Chandraprabha
Mr. D. Ram Nivas
EC Navigation Assistance Tool MSME 3 years 30.06.2022 ₹1.2325
11 Lt.Dr. A. K. Priya CH All India Seminar on “Wastewater Treatment Systems: Water Efficient Technologies and Opportunities” IE(I) 2 Days 15.11.2022 0.03
12 Dr. N. Raja Maths Science Academies' Lecture Workshop on Engineering Mathematics Indian Academy of Sciences, Bangaluru Indian National Science Academy, New Delhi The National Academy of Sciences, Prayagraj. 2 Days 15.11.2022 0.1485
13 Dr. M. S. Karthikeyan
Dr. P. Anilkumar
CHY Advanced materials for strategic Application and sustainable future - Conference DRDO 10.11.2022 0.04
14 Dr. D. Venugopal
T. Venkatesh
EC Recent Trends in Artificial Intelligence, Advanced Communication and Smart systems (RTAACS'23) AICTE 2 Days 21.11.2022 0.2623
15 Dr. M. Kathirvelu
Dr. K. S. Tamilselvan
Mrs. S. Suganyadevi
EC Workshop on Integrated Care Model for Dental and Neurological Disorders Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) 23.02.2023 2 Days 0.744
16 Dr. S. Logesh Kumar BM Keratin-alginate Based Bioactive Patch Containing Cerium Oxide Nanoparticles For Biomimetic Wound Dressing Applications SERB International Travel Support 10 Days 0.283678
17 Dr. K. Rajasekaran BM Measuring respiratory rate using SpO2 module TNSCST 03.03.2023 6 Months 0.0075
18 PI: Ms. M. Swathy BM Tilapia fish collagen and curcumin nanoparticle based hybridized biopath for skin regeneration applications TNSCST 03.03.2023 6 Months 0.0075
19 Dr. Lineesh Punathil CH A Novel Water Purifier for Desalinating Saline Water TNSCST 03.03.2023 6 Months 0.0075
20 Dr. J. Karpagam EE IOT Based Smart Chair to Recognize the Sitting Position of Employees TNSCST 03.03.2023 6 Months 0.0075
21 Dr. M. Saravanabhavan CHE Enhancing Physicochemical and Lological Properties of Clofazimine by Co-Crystallization TNSCST 03.03.2023 6 Months 0.0075
22 Dr. T. Daniel Thangadurai CFRD Tamilnadu Adi Dravidar Welfare scheme 0.4
23 Mr. Vasanthaseelan S ME Seminar grant for Women Empowerment Aero STEM IEEE 05.04.2023 3 Days 0.158441
24 Dr. Ravi Kumar K ME "International Conference on “Technological Advancements in Materials and Manufacturing for Industrial Environment(TAMMIE 2023)”" SERB 18.04.2023 2 Days 0.21
25 Dr. Prabhakaran PHY Design and fabrication of mxene based nanocomposite electrode for solid state supercapacitors using 3D printing technology DST - SERB 04.05.2023 3 Years 2.5
26 Lt. Dr. A. K. Priya,
Ms. S. Barani
CH One Day Seminar on Microplastics Accumulation Prediction using ML: Environmental and Public Health Impacts IE(I) Upto 28.07.2023 08.06.2023 0.03
27 Dr.P.Pandiyan EE Electrification for the Automotive Sector towards Sustainable Future IEI 06.01.2023 1 Day 0.01
Grants Received ACY 2021-2022
1 Mr.S.Satheesh Kumar
Mr. D. Ram Nivas
EC Online 6 days FDTP on, ”Electronics Packaging and Testing” (EC8005) State - Anna University 1 Week 31.05.2022 ₹0.03
2 Dr. T. Daniel Thangadurai Chemistry Development of Low-cost prototype device based on Graphene Quantum Dot composites for rapid online monitoring of Uranium (IV/VI) and Thorium (IV) in Acidic conditions UGC-DAE CSR 3 Years 30.03.2022 ₹0.71028
3 Mr. Kannan T ME Bluetooth controlled floor cleaning robot by using android phone TNSCST -- 11.03.2022 ₹0.0075
4 Mr. S. P Cowsigan EC Enhancing survival during fire accidents using quadcopter TNSCST -- 11.03.2022 ₹0.0075
5 Mr. T. Jagadeesh EC IOT Based Smart Fertilizer Management System TNSCST -- 11.03.2022 ₹0.0075
6 Ms. Saranya Devi S BM Data-driven stress prediciton model using physiological signals TNSCST -- 11.03.2022 ₹0.0075
7 Ms. D. Sudarvizhi BM Diabetic foot ulcer detection using convolutional neural network TNSCST -- 11.03.2022 ₹0.0075
8 Dr. S. Karunakaran CH Evolving customized enzyme mixture for fibrous poultry feedstuffs and unconventional crop residues TNSCST -- 11.03.2022 ₹0.0075
9 Dr. K. Ravikumar ME Processing and characterization of additive manufactured components for engineering and medical applications DST-SERB- Seminar grant -- 22.03.2022 ₹0.07
10 Dr. N. Raja Maths Applicable Mathematics Indian Academy of Science -- 12.10.2021 ₹0.0235
11 Dr. M. Kalamani
Mr. G. PradeepKumar
EC Cognitive skills for Active Learner AICTE-AQIS -- 10.12.2021 ₹0.093
12 Dr. D. Venugopal
Ms. A. Reethika
EC National Seminar on Channel Engineering in Indium phosphide (InP) based HEMT for THz Applications DRDO -- 12.02.2022 ₹0.02
13 Mr. T Venkatesh
Ms. S Chandraprabha
EC Leveraging AI and IoT in Industrial sector AICTE-ISTE -- 14.02.2022 ₹0.005
14 Dr. D. GaneshKumar
Mr. John Amose
BM One day National seminar in Current Trends in Neuromotor Rehabilitation by Adapting Improved Acoustic Models of Dysarthric Speech CSIR -- 18.01.2022 ₹0.01
15 Dr. A. K. Priya CE To design and develop Eco friendly Cordybloomer readymade kit for the efficient growth of cordyceps mushrooms using smart technology DBT BIG BIRAC 18 Months 07.09.2021 ₹5.0
16 Dr. M. Sivasangari CS National Seminar on Data Science for Genomics and Precision medicine CSIR 2 Days (11.11.2021 & 12.11.2021) 31.08.2021 ₹0.01
17 Dr. A. Devipriya CS Webinar AI & ML for IoT Applications in Healthcare Systems ICSSR 5 Days (26.07.2021 to 30.07.2021) 12.07.2021 ₹0.03
18 Dr. D. Ganesh Kumar
Ms. D. Sudarvizhi
Mr. John Amose
BM “Current trends in neurorehabilitation for brain attack disorders using vlasov-poisson-landau system and innovations in adaptable intelligent system using bernstein–greene–kruskal - a future approach” (CTNBIAS’21) CSIR 1 Day (13.11.2021) 01.07.2021 ₹0.01
19 Dr. V. Kumar Chinnaiyan
Ms. B. Lalitha
EE Scheme for Promoting Impressed, Creativity and Ethics among students AICTE -- 16.06.2021 ₹0.1
20 Dr. S. Ramachandran
Dr. D. Venugopal
CH/EC AICTE Distinguished Chair Professor Scheme- Dr Prem Vrat, Dr V K Raina AICTE -- 20.05.2021 ₹0.1
21 Dr. M. Kumar ME Development and characterization of novel additive manufactured functionally graded aluminium composite for energy efficient brake rotor application DST-SERB-TARE 3 years 02.12.2021 ₹1.83
22 Dr. V. Seethalakshmi
Dr. K. Kalirajan
EC Upgradation of Optical and Microwave Laboratory AICTE-AQIS 2 years 16.11.2021 ₹2.021
23 Dr. S. Arivazhagan
Dr. S. Kanmani
CE Splitting of Korai grass for fine mat weaving by using technological machine by fine mat weaving artisans IIT PALS 2 years 01.11.2021 ₹0.03
24 Dr. K. Mohana Sundaram
Dr. K. S. Tamilselvan
EE Development of Live Human Detecting Soft Robot for Earthquake Rescue Operation DST-DDP 2 years 22.10.2021 ₹2.201451
25 Dr. M. Kathirvelu
Dr. J. Muralidharan
Mr. S. Satheeshkumar
EC Neuromorphic Computing for AI AICTE-ISTE -- 21.09.2021 ₹0.093
26 Dr. V. Kumar Chinnaiyan
Dr. J. Karpagam
Dr. R. Uthirasamy
Mr. P. Ravikumar
EE FDP on Cutting Edge Technologies in Energy Storage System for E - Mobility ATAL Academy -- 07.06.2021 ₹0.093
27 Dr. B. Arulmurugan ME One day workshop on Advances in Welding and Wire arc additive manufacturing IWS - (Indian Welding Society) - Workshop -- 05.03.2022 ₹0.01
Grants Received 2020-2021
1 Dr. V. Kumar Chinnaiyan EE FDP on Advancements in Electric Vehicle Technology A Paradigm Shift ATAL 08.02.2021-12.02.2021 20.01.2021 ₹0.093
2 Dr. J. Karpagam EE FDP on Advancements in Battery Management System and its Application ATAL 08.02.2021-12.02.2021 20.01.2021 ₹0.093
3 Dr. M. G. Sumithra EC FDP on Design Thinking ATAL 19.10.2020-23.10.2020 19.10.2020 ₹0.093
4 Prof. T. Jagadesh EE National Level Workshop on Recent Advancements Infrared Thermography Techniques for Electrical Panels TNSCST 18.03.2021-19.03.2021 28.09.2020 ₹0.02
5 Dr. V. Seethalakshmi EC STTP on Integrated IOT and Deep learning for smart healthcare AICTE-STTP Aug-20 08.10.2020 ₹0.358333
6 Dr. V. Kumar Chinnaiyan EE Short Term Training Program on “Recent Advancements in Integeration of Distributed Energy Resources for Electric Vehicle Charging Stations and Energy Management using Internet of Energy” AICTE-STTP (AQIS 2018-19) Jan-20 2020 ₹0.404066
7 Dr. V. Kumar Chinnaiyan EE Design and Operational Perspective of Electric Vehicle with Distributed Energy Resources using Cyber Physical System AICTE-FDP 1 Year 30.07.2020 ₹0.445833
8 Dr. K. S. Elango CE Digitized Universal Testing Machine (100T) AICTE-MODROB 2 Years 20.07.2020 ₹1.509804
Grants Received 2019-2020
1 Ms. S. Bharani CE One Day Seminar on “Air Quality and Transportation Challenges in Metro Cities” IE(I) Jan-20 21.01.2020 ₹0.01
2 Dr. R. Dharmaraj
Dr. D. Vijayalakshmi
C. Visali (Student)
CE Improving the self-cleaning performance of concrete using photocatalyst in Eco-Efficient Way IE(I) 1 Year 31.12.2019 ₹0.06
3 Dr. A. K. Priya CE Short Term Training Program on “Disaster Mitigation and Management” AICTE-STTP (AQIS 2018-19) Jan-20 12.12.2019 ₹0.336666
4 Ms. B. S. Meenakshi
Dr. D. Vijayalakshmi
Dr. S. Kanmani
CE Implementation of Mobile Biotoilet in KPR Campus KPR-SEED 1 Year 03.12.2019 ₹0.1
5 Dr. V. Kumar Chinnaiyan
Ms. R. Revathi
EE Two Day National Level Seminar on “IoT Based Control Strategies for AC/DC Microgrids with Distributed Energy Storage Systems” 10-11 January 2020 CSIR Jan-20 13.11.2019 ₹0.03
6 Ms. B. Lalitha EE Parametric monitoring and controlling of wind turbine based on wireless transmission by using IoT concept TNSCST 3 Months 02.10.2019 ₹0.0075
7 Mr. T. Rajasekaran CS Automatic Animal Movement Detection on Camera Traps in Sathyamangalam Forest using Modified Inception V3 Algorithm TNSCST 4 Months 02.10.2019 ₹0.004
8 Dr. S. Kanmani CE Investigation of heavy metal attenuation through biobarrier due to leachate permeation from an open dump yard at Vellalore in coimbatore City TNSCST 3 Months 02.10.2019 ₹0.0075
9 Dr. A. K. Priya CE Women Entrepreneurship and Skill Development SERB Sep-19 07.09.2019 ₹0.075
10 Dr. A. K. Priya CE Micro Filtration through polysulphone based water minimizer IE(I) Jul-19 22.07.2019 ₹0.03
11 Dr. A. K. Priya CE Seminar on Disaster Mitigation and Management SERB Jul-19 12.07.2019 ₹0.05
Grants Received 2018-2019
1 Dr. V. Kumar Chinnaiyan EE Innovative andragogical and effective teaching -learning methodologies for millennium generation learners AQIS-AICTE Nov-19 25.02.2019 ₹0.296
2 Dr. Anil Kumar Chemistry Unnat Bhart Abhiyan (UBA) MHRD 1 Year 29.10.2018 ₹0.5
3 Dr. G Ganesh Prabhu,
Dr. J Sridhar
CE Third International Conference on Sustainable Practices in Civil Engineering SERB 2 Days 2018 ₹0.2
4 Dr. S. Pratheep Kumar Chemistry Synthesis, structural and thermal expansion studies of novel langbeinites for high temperature applications ECR-SERB 3 Years 17.03.2018 ₹2.575
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